How it works

Step 1: Search

There are 2 ways by which you can locate products on our site.

1. Keyword Search
There is a Search Box in the header (Right hand top corner) of all Gangotri Exports Shopping pages.

  • Enter the book name that you are want to locate for in the Search Box (Eg: If you want to buy Entrance Exam Book, you can type IIT or Medical in the Search Box). You can also search for Books within a category.
  • Then Click on the Go Button The next page will display the Search Results with suitable Products for you to choose from.

2. Category/Sub-Category Search
Products at Gangotri Exports are divided in Categories and Sub-Categories with further sub-division, displayed in the left navigation panel. You can browse through each of these Category levels by clicking on the Categories name until you find your desired product type.

Gangotri Exports gives you a number of shopping options while viewing your shopping cart.

  • You can alter the Quantity in your Shopping Cart by selecting the amount in the text box provided.
  • You can select and save items in your Wish list and buy them at a later date. All you need to do is click on the 'Add to wish list' button.
  • To remove an item from the Shopping Cart just click on the 'Cross' icon next to the Qty.
  • Once you have completed your Shopping you can Check Out by clicking on the 'CheckOut/Proceed to Payment' link. You can also Continue Shopping by clicking on the 'Continue Shopping'

If you have made a final decision to Buy the Product, Click on the Proceed to Check Out from the Shopping Basket Page.

Step 2: Register

Registering on Gangotri Exports

You must be a registered member of Gangotri Exports to be able to BUY online. However do not fret, the Registration process is fast, easy and totally FREE!. Click on the Register link on the right corner in the Header Page

Please follow the steps to Register with Gangotri Exports

  1. Enter your Basic Information to start building an enduring relationship with Gangotri Exports. The most important of these will be your Email add, Pasword, First Name, Last Name, Address and Telephone Numbers.
  2. Enter your Email address which will also function as your User Name for Gangotri Exports
  3. Enter your Password and Reconfirm the same.
  4. Select a secret question and type the answer for that .That will give you the forgot password assistance.

Mentioned below are a few benefits of Registering with Gangotri Exports

  1. On Registration, information such as your Shipping and Billing Addresses will be saved in our database sparing you the effort of having to re-entering these details when you shop next time.
  2. If you are Signed In to Gangotri Exports, you can store items in your Wish list for a future visit.
  3. You can refer to your Account which will allows you to Edit your Registration details, Track your Order at all stages, and more.

Step 3: Buy

Buying on Gangotri Exports

Once you Click on the proceed to the Pay Now on the Shopping Cart page, you will be taken to the Payment Method page where you can choose by which you can buy the stuffs.

Following are the Payment method.

  1. Credit Card
  2. Demand draft
  3. 3. Cash On Delivery
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